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    Interest Free Finance

    We are now offering 0% interest
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    for any orders over £375
  • Save Money & Energy

    Save Money & Energy

    "We are helping the planet for our children
    & saving money at the same time"
  • LED GU10 Spotlights

    LED GU10 Spotlights

    Our GU10 LED Spotlights can now
    be purchased from as little as £2.50

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  • Solar Power Calculator

    Solar Power Calculator

    See how Solar PV, can help your office or home &
    calculate what electricty you can produce.

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  • LED Light Bulbs

    LED Light Bulbs

    Swapping 10 of your normal tungsten bulbs to
    LED lights can save you up to £200 a year.
  • Energy Saving House

    Energy Saving House

    Take a look at our Energy Saving House mock up
    to see how much you can save in your own home
  • Insulation


    Loft Insulation, floor Insulation, wall Insulation,
    draught excluders & more

Shipping Info Low Energy Supermarket SELL LED Lighting, Insulation, Draught proofing and ENERGY SAVING PRODUCTS THAT ARE SURE TO REDUCE YOUR home or business UTILITY BILLS.


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We are now offering the option to pay by 0% Interest finance on all UK orders with a value over £375.


Empower for Schools

Help Teachers, staff and pupils play a part in achieveing energy and carbon for your school with an interactive online tool.

The ground-breaking Empower for Schools™ application is an interactive online tool, designed to help your staff and pupils to cut carbon and save money on energy bills. The cost of one year's access to this tool is only £650.

The Carbon Trust's experience of working with over 3,000 schools over 10 years indicates that schools can save up to £21,500 per year in energy bills, equivalent to the cost of a newly qualified teacher. Over 250 schools that recently worked with the Carbon Trust have gone on to save an average of 14% on energy bills in the first 3 months alone, with future savings forecast to reach up to 25% per year.

The Empower for Schools tool is a key component of the Carbon Trust Schools Support. It includes advice and recommendations on all carbon hotspots in a school, and the ability to collate and see pledges and responses from staff and students. It also includes step by step training guides for carrying out onsite upgrades to lighting, heating and other common equipment with electrical consumption.

{slider Empower for Schools – Full version}

The full version of the tool is available to participants of our Schools Support service. The full version is a much more extensive and interactive website with:

·         Detailed step by step guidance documents in the additional support and guidance section, to help implement the energy and carbon saving measures

·         Seven new areas to explore, covering all areas of a conventional school as well as energy and carbon use in the home.

·         Up to six pledges/tips for each area, looking at the top thirty five low and zero cost energy saving measures for schools, based on 10 years of Carbon Trust experience.

·         The option for all school users, including pupils, staff, teachers, governors and senior management to audit the online school and make personal or school-wide pledges. This can be done as homework, in lesson time or as a group activity.

·         The option for an administrator to collate all recommendations for the school and commit to an energy and carbon reduction "School Action Plan" which includes selected actions and can be altered with timescales and progress

·         The quizzes, carbon comparisons and tips for pupils and teachers section of the demo have many more examples, questions and advice.

·         Half termly themes to focus on a year-long campaign of energy saving, focussing on seasonal relevant energy saving (lighting and heating in the colder, darker months and cooling and switch of campaigns in the summer months leading into the holidays)

Full Version Link

{slider Empower For Schools - Demo}

Contact Carbon Trust for access to the Empower for Schools demo  - email them on on publicsector@carbontrust.com


We are now offering the option to pay by 0% Interest finance on all UK orders with a value over £375.

OmniCapital Finance Processing Information

Once we have been able to confirm your items are in stock, we will then contact you persoanlly to take the deposit payment and arrange for the goods to be dispatched to you ASAP.

We sell insulation and draught proofing goods and energy saving products that are sure to reduce your utility bills.

Order LED lighting, time switches, and other merchandise today.

Today, families are more environmentally conscious than ever before. They also enjoy saving money by doing even the littlest things. The products we offer are good for the environment and good for your bank account.

We sell a wide range of energy saving products that you can install in your home in order to reduce your utility bills. Over time, you’ll be amazed at how much more of your hard-earned money you get to keep. Among our best selling wares are insulation and draught proofing merchandise, LED lighting options, and timer switches. If you have questions about any of our products, contact us right away. We look forward to fulfilling your first order.

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