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LED Integrated Tube Light 5FT 6K F

LED Integrated Tube Light 5ft/1500mm Energy Saving Day White
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Sales price £22.95

A Integrated LED Tube light Lowenergie™ with 3 year Warranty.

LED Energy Saving Integrated Tubes - Directly ceiling mounted or display stand lighting.

These Do Not require an existing fitting and can be mounted directly. Multiple tubes can be added together end to end if required (connectors included).

These LED tube lights are compatible with PIR occupancy sensors for max energy savings and have the latest technology LED's

  • Lowenergie™ LED Tube lights are the future of low energy with very long life operation.  
  • Energy-Efficient & Environmentally Friendly with no hazardous materials like mercury commonly used in fluorescent tubes.  
  • LED tubes benefit excellent 60-70% energy savings over traditional fluorescent tubes.  
  • High quality aluminium alloy body which acts as a heatsink to extend the life of the LED’s.  
  • The frosted plastic cover helps to dissipate light and improve appearance. 
  • Our LED tube lights look exactly the same as fluorescent tubes when turned on but use half the power. 
  • These LED tube lights are compatible with PIR occupancy sensors for maximum potential energy savings which is not normally guaranteed by all manufacturers
  • All our tubes are double-insulated to Class II specification
  • LED tubes have no flickering or interference, instant soft start and low heat.


Colour Neutral White or Day White (please see options available)
Colour temperature 4000k or 6000K

3ft 4000k = 1405, 6000k = 1425

4ft 4000k = 1860, 6000k = 1865

5ft 4000k = 2400, 6000k = 2445

6ft 4000k = 2940, 6000k = 2985

Energy Rating A - Rated
CE CE Approved and Marked
RoHS Compliant and Marked

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