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LED PIR Sensor Tube Light - 5ft 1500mm

1500mm - 22w per tube, 2000 lumens - ONLY 3 WATTS when dimmed - excellent energy savings potential
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These LED tube lights are compatible with PIR occupancy sensors for max energy savings
NEW LED Sensor Tubes - Auto dimming after 30 seconds of no activity, 5-8M detection range
1500mm - 22w per tube, 2000 lumens - ONLY 3 WATTS when dimmed - excellent energy savings potential

  • Up to 94 lumens per watt efficiency
  • Tube life expectancy - 50,000 hours.
  • Colour - 6000K Day white or 4000K Neutral white
  • CE: CE Approved
  • RoHS: Compliant
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • NEW - LED Sensor Tubes

LED Sensor tubes can still be used within enclosed light fittings however detection distance maybe reduced very slightly. We recommend trying one or two LED sensor tubes first if you are unsure about the detection range for your type of light fitting.
These LED sensor tube lights are also compatible with whole room PIR occupancy sensors which can be set on 30 minute or longer delay for max energy savings
Changing to LED tube lights does require a very simple wiring alteration within the light fitting to remove the start and ballast transformer. The led tubes simply operate by 240v live feed to both pins at one end and neutral feed to both pins at the opposite end. Ballast transformers are always recommended for removal for full energy saving potential. Full instructions are included with every order.

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