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12v Digital Timer

Digital Water Immersion Heater Timer, 7 day programmable, 16A switch

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Sales price £10.49

A Digital 12v Timer from Lowenergie.

This is a 12V DC timer switch, ideal for solar power systems and other 12V applications

Widely used for street lights, advertising lights, neon lights, sign lights, production equipment, household usage to maintain regular time periods.



  • 150 watt max. load at 12V DC
  • 16 Amp relay for long contactor life
  • Up to 20 ON/OFF programmes per day/ 140 ON/OFF per week
  • 7 day programmable, so can have different programmes for weekdays & weekends
  • Min time setting 1 minute

  • 24 hours display

  • Power backup feature. The timer will retain settings for up to 3 months on power failure

  • Auto programme or manual ON/OFF modes

  • Factory reset function

  • Power on display light

  • Daylight saving time setting

  • Dimensions 75mm x 75mm x 52mm deep

  • 12 Months warranty

  • CE approved and Marked

  • Includes user manual

Please note full wiring instructions are supplied with this unit however as with all electricity installation if you are unsure about anything then please contact a fully certified electrician.

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