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200w LED High Bay Light with 120 Degree Shade

LED High Bay Light Warehouse Commercial Industrial Lamp Workshop 200w
Salesprice with discount
Sales price £79.96

Technical Specification

Brand Lowenergie; USA Bridgelux LED chips
Power 200 watts
Light dispersion angle 60 degrees
Lifespan 50,000 hours
Rate voltage 85-265V AC
Efficacy 20,400 lumens (105 per watt)
Material Aluminium
Colour Temperature 6000 Kelvin, Pure White/ Day White
Working temperature Minus 30 to +50 deg centrigrade
CRI >75

Dust proof LED lense cover
Die cast aluminium heat sink for excellent heat dispersion ensuring long 50,000 hour LED life
No environmental pollution, contains no mercury or other hazardous materials
60% energy saving compared to compact fluorescent or fluorescent tube lighting.
3 year Warranty
Dimensions 500mm Diameter, 650mm high

Why use LED High Bay Lighting compared to other lighting options

Low-Pressure Sodium Lights (SOX) - Very high efficiency but the worst colour rendering index of all lighting meaning its applications re limited. Everything is lit up monochrome orange causing low spatial awareness and poor working environment. Contains toxic metals.

High Pressure Mercury - better colour rendering than sodium but can give skin a greenish appearance. Moderate efficiency. Contains mercury. Commonly used in industrial lighting but has lost out over the years to HID and LED.

Fluorescent - moderate efficiency of around 65 lumens per watt compared to over 95 lumens per watt for LED lighting. Life depends on ballast and switching cycles. Contains mercury.

Metal Halide - High efficiency but colour temperature can change over life of the lighting. Contains toxic metals.

High Pressure Sodium - Very poor colour rendering, CRI only in the 20’s. Overtaken in the efficiency stakes by LED so will struggle to compete much longer. Contains toxic metals.

Halogen - Poor efficiency, uses ten times more electricity than LED lighting. Relatively short life.

LED Lighting - all round best option for high efficiency electricity saving, good colour rendering index, range of colour options, low maintenance with very long operation life, no hazardous materials.aving, good colour rendering index, range of colour options, low maintenance with very long operation life, no hazardous materials.

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