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Letterbox Cover Draught Excluder

Internal letterbox draught/draft excluder with brush or brush and cover
(please make sure you select the correct option for your requirements)
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Letterbox Draught Excluder - various colour options and lengths

Choose From White - Brown - Gold - Silver - White

Advantages of Draught Proofing - As a rough guide, fitting draught proofing can reduce your heating bill by £8-10/year per window or door.
Your house or commercial property will loose heat during cold weather partly due to poor thermal insulation, but also due to air infiltration or the permeability of the building.  Infiltration or permeability is measured in meters cubed per hour per square meter of floor area.  A typical building built 1900 to 1990 will loose around 15-25 meter cubed of air per hour per square meter of floor area.  This is due to natural leakage through the fabric of the building, but largely through gaps around windows and doors.  Good use of draft proofing could reduce your air permeability to around 10-15 meters cubed per hour which is a good low cost way of reducing you heating bills.
In addition to saving money on your energy bills, these letterbox draught excluder are also recommended by the police as an excellent anti theft device  as it helps to prevent important keys being stolen via the 'hook and grab' method


  • Available in White, Brown (PVC), Gold & Aluminuim (Metal) 
  • Black Brush
  • Colour coordinating cover (if cover is selected)
  • Pre drilled screw holes
  • Screws included
  • Full fitting instructions included
  • Simple to fit


  • Covers apertures upto 267mm x 76mm
(please make sure you select the correct option for your requirements)

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