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Floorboard Draught Seal by Stormguard

Floorboard Skirting Board Gap Filler Floor Draught Excluder Seal Insulation 40M
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  •  Floorboard draught seal 40m

    Stormguard Floor board draught seal and skirting board filler is a proven floorboard gap filler, designed to eliminate the cold draughts and improve the comfort and energy efficiency of your home.

    Easy to install, simple to push in with a screwdriver or old credit card, requires no adhesives and compliments the overall finish of your floorboards.

    Its flexible properties allow this product to fill 1 to 8mm gaps, it will also fill a varying thickness gap along the length of your board or below your skirting board where they meet the floor finish.

    Why do you need this?

    Gaps in between floorboards create cold draughts which lead to chilly rooms, discomfort during the winter months and increased heating bills.

    Based on the results of research carried out by The Energy Saving Trust, it is estimated that filling floorboard gaps can save a household up to £20.00-£40.00/room/year on energy bills and reduce its CO2 contribution by around 110 kg.

    It is also great for keeping insects and spiders out of your rooms

    A 12 x 12ft room has approximately 25 floorboards and can have an average gap area of 3.87ft² which is similar to a small window being left open.

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