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We are now offering the option to pay by 0% Interest finance on all UK orders with a value over £375.



4 Corner Bracket Set Black

Solar Panel Mounting Bracket Black Corner Set Kit Adhesive Bond
Salesprice with discount
Set Colour
  • ABS Black Plastic Brackets As Below

    - Ideal for bonding to the roof - no need for drilling
    - Strong side support for small and large solar panels
    - Great for motorhomes, campervans, caravans, lorries, buses, boats and yachts
    - Can also be used on flat roofs of buildings, sheds, garages or other flat surfaces

    Easy Installation, holes should be drilled in each bracket, and corresponding holes in the solar panel frame on each side; then brackets should be fixed to the solar panel using self-tapping screws (not included). Finally, brackets can be bonded to the roof using an appropriate sealant or adhesive tape (not included) - sealant is recommended for stronger bonding.

    For large solar panels 100W and more, used on high-speed vehicles, an additional pair of our side brackets or our six bracket kit is recommended.

    Specifications - Corner Brackets
    Material: plastic
    Colour: black
    Size (1 bracket): 15x15x6.5cm
    Weight: (4 brackets): 1.6kg

    Specifications: - side brackets
    Material: plastic
    Colour: black
    Size (1 bracket): 18 x 9 x 6.5 cm
    Weight: (2 brackets): 1.0 kg

    Cable Entry
    Watertight cable entry for 4-12mm cables
    Ideal for mounting solar panels on motorhomes, campervans, caravans or boats, buildings, garages, sheds and other roofs
    Easily bonded to the surface using a suitable sealant
    Can be used as a single cable gland (plugs for closing cable holes included)
    Material: plastic
    Colour: black
    Size: 12x10x5cm
    Weight: 230g

    Metal Brackets (set of 4)
    Aluminium, light weight, solar panel mounting brackets
    Best suited to small solar panels, generally 10 to 40 watts
    Dimensions, 100mm long, full dimensions as per attached images.

    Adjustable Angle Mounting Frame

    Adjustable range 20 to 40 degrees.
    Gain up to 25% more solar panel efficiency by tilting your panels towards the sun instead of laying them flat. This is especially beneficial over winter months when there is less sunlight.
    Suitable for up to 150w Solar Panels (max solar panel width around 700mm), solar panel length not relevant as the brackets can be moved further apart.
    Can also be used on roofs, sheds, garages or other flat surfaces to tilt solar panels.
    Also suitable for ground mounting solar panels.

    To work out your optimum solar panel angle, simply take the value of your global latitude location and subtract 15 degrees. e.g. we are based 52 degrees North, 52 - 15 = 37 degrees, therefore, in this example, this solar panel would reach is best power output if it is pointed south (in the northern hemisphere) and angled at 37 degrees towards the sun.

    KIT Contents
    4X Anodised Aluminium Adjustable Sections, 730mm long
    2X Short Anodised Aluminium Triangulation Sections
    6X Thumb turn bolts, nuts and washers
    4X Solar Panel Fixing nuts and bolts

We are now offering the option to pay by 0% Interest finance on all UK orders with a value over £375.

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