Lowenergie Digital Immersion Heater Timer

This 7-Day Programmable Digital immersion heater timer can be used to control electric hot water heating times and ensure that the immersion heater is not accidentally left switched on.  Immersion heaters can be up to 3000w which if left on will cost around 13p per hour/ £1.56 per day/ £9 per week/ £450 per year so it is best to have control of you heating patterns.  Use of a timer switch can mean 75% less electricity usage or potentially one quarter of the above costs.


·        Up to 20 ON/OFF programmes per day/ 140 ON/OFF per week

·        Allows for different weekday and weekend programmes

·        Can have different programmes for every day of the week if needed

·        Min time setting 1 minute

·        24 hours display

·        Power backup feature, timer will retain settings for up to 3 months on power failure

·        Auto programme or manual ON/OFF modes

·        Factory reset function

·        Power on display light

·        Daylight saving time setting

Easily connected to replace existing manual switch with full instructions but seek advice from a qualified electrician if unsure.


·        Digital programmable socket box timer switch.

·        Min time setting 1 minute, up to 140 programmes per week.

·        Switching Capacity - 16A Resistive load for electric heating devices, up to 3840w at 240V.

·        The improved 16A Switch rating gives longer lasting relay contact life where most other similar switches are only        13A rated.

·        12 Month Guarantee from date of purchase but must strictly be installed in accordance with instructions.

·        Dimensions 75mm x 75mm x 52mm deep

·        Supplied with wall mounting back box

·        CE Marked with 1 year Warranty

This digital timer switch is also suitable for heavier duty lighting time switch operations such as shop display lighting or security lighting.  

Other applications can include control of heating circulation pumps, electric heating timer switch or as a central heating boiler timer switch.  For lighting applications up to 3500w halogen lighting, 1250W max for CFL lights, or 2 x 400W max for HPS or Metal Halide Lamps.